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This blog is dedicated to inspire parents to  recall the joy  and delight they experienced back some years ago while travelling solo or with friends, uncovering the beauty of the world. It was so wonderful to feel like a free-bird!

Now, it is a time to invite children to share this experience and let them learn the world through active summer holidays. Learning about the world from school books is just the first step. If we really want our children to care about the world in the future, let’s start building the foundations now, when they are young. Let’s show them the world, which we want the next generation to take care of.

And let’s not forget we are responsible for bringing up this Next Generation.

If  you do travel with your kids and look for new trip ideas for summer holidays or you would like to start travelling with kids and look for advice,  press the green button FOLLOW blog via email or bookmark this page.

Then, share the link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

We are starting full speed blogging soon!

Hopefully, with your support, other families will get inspired and the community of travelling families will keep growing.

There is so many stories to tell…


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2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. My daughter and her family with two young children are on their way back from completing a gap year travelling around Australia. It has been an amazing experience for them, and my daughter who is a professional photographer has many wonderful images.All the best to you and your family, what a great family bonding exercise!


    1. I am happy for them. They must have had time of their lives. Please share some of your daughter’s photos. We were in Australia in 2014 for 3 weeks and managed to see NT and QSD. It was amazing three weeks for our family, but one year – wow – that must had been an adventure!

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