Do you remember the time when you were not allowed to have your passport?

We are married for 16 years and were born in Poland, when common people could not have their own passports. Travelling abroad was very difficult, not to say impossible. The luckiest kids could go to NRD (East Germany) or Bulgaria, but most of us couldn’t even dream about travelling until the beginning of 90s, when the generation of our parents finally defeated the Communism – the “best” socioeconomic system.

When Poland opened its boarders, we did not dwell long. Our first independent trip abroad was to United States. That was our Honeymoon. It literally lasted 4 weeks and it hammered in our heads one sentence “We want to travel. No matter what“.

When we came back, we immediately started to save money for another trip, while our friends were saving for more mature purpose like buying the flat or at least a nice, fancy car.

Before our kids joined the team, we managed to travel to Peru, Venezuela and Norway. We kept on absorbing the beautiful landscapes of Peru, the amazing architectural achievements of Inca’s,  the wonderful reefs in Venezuela on Los Roques archipelago and breath-taking fiords of Norway. But still, there was so many mountains to climb, oceans to swim and ruins to explore.


Waiting for the kids to leave our house was not an option. When the kids were really small, we had to accept spending holidays either in Poland or in Europe, but when our younger son turned five, we came back to travelling independently to more remote destinations.

–  “Wasn’t it risky?” – you would ask again.
– “Of course it was, but when it comes to kids, everything is risky.”

Everyday you take a risk, putting your kid into the bath or letting it explore your living room.

The good news is that if you start travelling with small kids, while they still perceive parents as  role model, they get addicted to exploring the world and the travel virus keeps spreading.  We believe that building the curiosity about the world into the character of our small or big kids will build solid foundation for their adult life and the choices they will have to make in the future.

So, here we are. The calendar will soon show 2015 and our children will turn 11 and 14 soon. We are still hungry for more wonders to see. Meantime, we decided to sit down and put our travel memories into this blog.

Hopefully, other families will get inspired and the community of parents travelling with kids will keep growing.

If you want to help us spreading the word and building the community of travelling families, or if you do travel with your kids and look for new trip ideas,  press the green button below to FOLLOW this blog or contact us directly using the form below. We are starting full speed blogging soon! There is so many stories to tell…

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