“Free birds” in beautiful big nests carrying heavy life-bag

Our blog is dedicated to inspire parents to  recall the joy  and delight they experienced, back some years ago, while travelling solo or with friends, uncovering the beauty of the world.

When we are young, most of us feel like “free birds”, but then we usually turn into the birds in beautiful big nests carrying heavy life-bag. We think  “It is too early to travel. Kids are too small”.  And we keep thinking this way until our kids leave the nest and start their independent lives. But then, people face a problem – you need to be really strong and in a good shape, to pack your stuff into the backpack and go to all the places you have dreamed about for so long…

“What is the solution?” – you could ask – “Rising kids is a challenge. You must be mature”.

“Of course, but first let us tell you briefly our story. Maybe you will find it relevant.”


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