Lazy life of a Sloth

Have you ever observed a sloth in its natural environment? Its slow movements up the cecropia tree are so much different to the way we move. Sloths are unimaginably slow, but they always get what they want – a leaf of cecropia, change of their position on the feeding tree, feeling of safety.

We – humans – move much faster,  but can we say we are more effective? Do we always get what we want? Do we always figure it out how to move up? Or maybe, we just need so many things that irrespective of our efforts, we cannot grasp them all…

Anyway, watching the sloth in Finca Verde farm in Bijagua de Upala on our trip to Costa Rica was a great family moment, though probably conveying a different message to parents and to kids…

Let us know if you would like to get there on your next summer holidays. We will be glad to help.

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