Windmills in Kinderdijk, Holland

Two best places in Holland to see the Dutch windmills

Today we had a “windmill day”. First we had a tour in the highest windmill in Holland in Schiedam near Rotterdam, and then we had a family walk through a windmill complex in Kinderdijk, which in 1997 was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. The windmills and pumping stations drain the excess water from the Alblasserwaard into the river Lek via the Elshout sluices. Subsequently, the river transports the water into the North Sea.

Highest Dutch Windmill
Highest Dutch windmill in Schiedam

At the end of our walk, the sky and sun started to wrestle making the light perfect for landscape photos.


Dutch Windmill in Kinderdijk
Windmills complex in Kinderdijk, Holland

Both places are worth visiting, but if you are short of time, I would suggest visiting only the Kinderdijk windmill complex as the surroundings of windmills in Schiedam have nothing special to impress you.

For other ideas for family weekend getaways in Holland visit our Facebook fan page Walking Stones.

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