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When it comes to birds, size does not matter…

Kingfisher, Yellow Water, Kakadu, Australia
Kingfisher, Yellow Water, Kakadu, Australia

We spotted this elegant gentleman on our very morning cruise on the Yellow Water in Kakadu National Park, the beautiful and mysterious land of Aborigines.

Getting up before 6 am is not what we are especially keen on, but when you are on family vacations in Australia, you do it for pleasure, not because you have to…

If you plan to go to Kakadu, take either the very first, morning cruise on Yellow Water or the last evening one. The sunshine is playing magic, making each your photo good enough to be a postcard.


Aboriginal Cusine

Will you guess what it is?

1. It is served straight from the Australian bush in Kakadu NT.
2. Absolutely delicious.
3. You would never guess you can eat it.

If you need further hints, visit Sean Arnold webpage or go to Kakadu National Park for Animal Tracks tour.

It was one of our best family experiences on summer holidays in Australia.

Safe landing in Darwin

First photo of Darwin. Almost "there".
First photo of Darwin. Almost “there”.

We started our Australian experience in the last days of July 2014. It took us almost 3 days to get from Amsterdam to Darwin, with stops in Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. I know, the flight route was not optimal, but it allowed us to “save” some Euros. When you travel with the whole family your travel budget is multiplied easily by the factor or 4…

So who is this travelling “4”. Let me start with the proper introduction.

Number 1 – Dominika. My wife and curious soul. The planner of all our family journeys we have undertaken so far.

Number 2 – Chris. My teenager son (age 13) who is quiet only when he sleeps.

Number 3 – Greg. My younger teenager son (age 11) who is quiet only if located at least 10 meters apart from Chris.

and “I am Number 4″… :).